FoodBag – a space efficient and modern lunchbox

Check out the amazing FoodBag!

The Compleat FoodBag is the only “lunchbox” that makes a fashion statement. It is colorful, has unlimited reuse, and packs away easily when empty.

• 100 % foodgrade silicone
• BPA safe and dishwasher safe


The Compleat FoodBag is designed to be a space-efficient and modern lunchbox. After use you can roll up the empty bag for transportation. The FoodBag is sturdy, so you can fill it with anything, sandwiches, fruit or pasta. FoodBag is made from 100 % food grade silicone, and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Compleat Lunchbox family was developed from a frustration of the limitations with current lunchboxes. We wanted to create beautiful lunchboxes in great quality and with unique functions. Our products have been designed, developed and tested in Norway which have a long and proud tradition of using lunchboxes. Compleat Lunchboxes are of course BPA safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Read more about the FoodBag in our webshop, or check out the video and more pictures below

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