Vital Design “Shoe Helper”

The elegant Vital Design Shoe helper can be used both as a shoe helper and a shoe jack. On and of with one elegant tool!

- On and off with one tool
- Elegant and easy to use


The Vital Design Shoe helper is both a shoe helper and a shoe jack in one. Use this elegant tool to both take your shoes of, and to put them back on without having to bend. The Shoe helper will also help you hold your balance while using it. You can detach it at the middle to make it easier to bring or tidy away, but the Vital Design Shoe helper is so elegant that you can leave it out in the hallway all the time!


Even the simplest activity can be a challenge under some circumstances. Vital Design’s ambition is to create great products to solve these everyday challenges. Our products are created with unique functionality and with great design, with the ultimate goal of making your life easier.

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