My Favorite Knives

My Favorite Knives are great knives at a great price. Safer, easier to use, and the recent winner of the prestigious IF design award

- Winner of the IF design award
- High quality stainless steel


My Favorite Knives are developed to be easy in use for the whole family. They come with an innovative ergonomic and soft grip, giving you full effect with less forced use. The blades are silicone coated for non-stick cutting and rust prevention, and have a rounded modern shape which makes for easier and safe handling. The blades are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel. My Favorite Knives recently won the prestigious IF design award for outstanding design.

Buy here –> cheese slicer   /   bread knife   /   easy knife   /   allround knife   /   chef knife

With Kitchen+ Innovation we have aspired to help you overcome all the obstacles in the kitchen by introducing incredibly functional and smart products. We believe in developing products where great functionality combined with a fabulous appearance will make you the master of your kitchen.

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