Isn't this cool! Project Trolleybag

Everyone needs a challenge. We have started on one of ours. That is to launch 22 new products next year. We are really excited about maybe the world’s second most boring product. But first, we need to write a few sentences about the most boring. In 2011 the market for consumer “crampons” (ice grips for shoes) in Norway was about 250.000. We set out to change that with amazing products with new and better packaging “tar du på piggen så kjøper du brodden”. We doubled the market in 3 years – achieved a 70% market share, and made crampons into something everyone wears.

Now to the second most boring. Isn’t taking on the trolleybag a cool challenge? In Norway, approximately 20,000 trolleybags are sold each year, and it is seen as a product for old people. In Germany “crampons” are for seniors, but everyone uses these trolleybags for the store. Can we double the market and capture a 70% market share? It is a 25 MNOK a year opportunity. But it is not easy, it will require extraordinary product innovation and design, clever market positioning, broad PR, and marketing efforts that can really move people's perceptions. This gets us really excited, nearly as much as the product we are developing to solve concentration problems with kids. But more on that later.