What customers are saying and thinking about 3D printers

Working 3d printers in the middle of a busy shopping mall is a new sight. Being able to buy something on your way to work, having it produced while you're at work, and being able to pick it up on the way home, fills people with awe and wonder. Although most people have heard about it or seen videos on Youtube, many have never actually seen one in real life.



In 2016 - 3d printers are still considered to be highly complex machines who serve the professional market and the technical enthusiasts. Everyone knows about 3d printers for the private users, but they created a scary image, preventing people from even considering having one. That is now changing. First of all we sell great 3d printers that are easy to use for everyone, secondly we sell in our innovation labs about 1 million different 3D objects that we produce while you wait. Be a creator of not only great 2d stuff, but also real life objects. Visit us to learn more.