Uniko - Norway's first retail robot

Rein is in Charge of Uniko. Here is his story from the first couple of weeks.

"It was very exciting to open up the box Uniko came in, and very, very carefully taking him out. When he first started to move it was magical. The objective of having Uniko was to present our new products in an interesting way, interact and engage customers and inspire people to imagine what the future can bring."

"The first thing we learned was that Uniko gets people’s attention, and is by far the most popular employee at Unikia. I’m quite sure the rest of us could manage the store in our underwear, and still not be able to reduce the crowd surrounding Uniko. As expected it was difficult for kids to walk past the store without dragging their parents towards the robot. But perhaps more surprisingly, it was the same with adults. And even after Uniko had engaged, shown products, told about new ideas and danced, they just wanted more."



"I have, however, a secret trick up my sleeve that I will only tell you about. Uniko is a very advanced robot with hundreds of expressions and movements and things he reacts to. But sometimes I want to give him even more intelligence. It takes me only a few seconds to interact directly with him, and the most fun I have had is to have him say amazingly smart things to passers by. Just imagine walking past our store with your RBK scarf wrapped around your neck, and Uniko suddenly says "Heia Brann", no wonder why people are stopping."