What is Unikia and why should you care?

Unikia is a company that has developed over 200 products from idea to launch - and when we say develop, we do not mean finding a product and just changing colors - we mean actually developing something that is new to the world. Our products have sold for more than 150M USD in retail, and have been sold in 30+ countries.

Our mission is to make new things happen, and inspire people and companies to focus more on ideas, take the first steps, and then launch with success. To achieve this, we are doing everything we can to inspire and help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. If you need advice, please stop by, and if you need somebody to sell your ideas, please contact us.

In 2016 the focus has been on launching about 30 new products into the Nordic market with 7 patents, launching maybe the most interesting new product start-up in Norway in 2016 (more about this later), starting two innovation labs, writing a book, mentoring entrepreneurs, hiring the first retail robot in the Nordics, becoming the first Norwegian retailer to sell 3D prints, and helping large Nordic companies to become more innovative.

But the exciting thing is that we have just begun!