Ideas for 0.5 billion NOK

Every day, every week, every month we share ideas with customers visiting our innovation labs and webpages. Sharing creates energy, momentum and possibly completely new ideas.

We love ideas and think we can help in making them happen. We receive all types of ideas; some great, some bad, some that are funny and some that are very serious. Some solving a small problem and some tackling the world’s largest problems.

We love the variety and hope you do too. We are convinced that the value of the ideas on our web site is worth at least 0,5 billion if executed right. 

We hope you take a few of them and run as hard as you can. Here are four ideas you should have a look at:


Take a picture of all your Lego pieces and you will get 10.000 recipes tailor made for just your assortment. 

See and vote for the Legoapp here




Are you tired of the platic bags when shopping at the airport, You will love these taxfree-hooks.

See and vote for the Taxfree-hooks here


Work your way: 

Is working on the train for a company a great way to ride the train for free?

See and vote for Work your way here:



The smart decanter:

Decanters are hard to clean – why not make one that is split in two?

See and vote for the smart decanter here