Jonas visits Unikia to get inspired

"I think you are going to be Norway's next prime minister" - Unikio was quick to charm Jonas Gahr Støre during his visit of Unikia's combined shop and office 13. september.

Støre visited Unikia's new idélab to get inspired by Norwegian entrepreneurial activites. At Unikia, you can buy exciting new products from all over the world, but they have a special love for products developed in Norway. And not just for the purpose of sales, they also have a love for ideas and the development of them. CEO and founder Sverre Steensen told an energetic Støre that Unikia will be happy to offer shelf-space to any Norwegian-developed product that's not currently stocked by other retailers. 


"Our ambitions are to lower the barriers to entry for developing new products in Norway. That's how we can ensure that more good ideas can reach the market place."


 Støre and Sverre browsing Sverre's recently published book "New Now - fra idé til suksess"


To realize these ambitions, Unikia has taken several actions. One of them was the book  "New Now - fra idé til suksess" which guides would-be-entrepreneurs from the idea stage all the way through to product launch and marketing. Støre had to fight down a grin when Sverre told him the book, which is 700 pages long, is really only the quick guide.

Another policy Unikia has enacted, is to offer help to idea-makers. By stopping by the idea-labs in Oslo (Byporten Shopping and Karl Johan/Lille Grensen), visitors can pitch their ideas to industrial designers and get feedback on their ideas and proceses. 


Industrial designer Joachim Botnen explains some of Unikia's incoming new products to Støre. 


 A part of the visit was streamed live on Støres Facebook page. You can watch the entire segment here: