Working for others - an inside scoop from Anna Kirah

New Now, the sister company of Unikia, is building an exciting team of truly unique individuals. Anna Kirah is one of them. After having worked on exciting stuff with the leadership of Microsoft and Boeing, and bringing people-centered innovation to Denmark´s public and private sector, she came to Norway. She is now part of the New Now team doing product, service, digital, and business innovation for small and fast growing companies and big companies in serious need for change.



This is her take on what we are doing:

There is a lot of talk about how companies and organizations need to be more innovative and that innovation takes time and effort. This has created a boom for innovation consultants and the hiring of innovation directors. Yet the results are often only talk and no real action or change.

We are NOT your average consultancy; we make NEW happen NOW.  We offer a variety of sprints depending on where you are at and what your needs are. Each module is a set of concrete deliverables which move you forward. One of the most exciting things happening in August is setting up the customer insight part of the Innovation Labs in our retail stores. Having done thousands of in depth customer studies I think the muscle we now have to get real customer data in projects from hundreds of people within 24 hours is very interesting. It really intrigues the anthropologist in me.”