I love New York!

I love New York!

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

In 2005 I wrote my first business plan in New York. I still remember it very well. 16 hours work days and only 2 songs on my brand new Ipod – Frank Sinatra’s “My way” and Eminem “If you had one chance, one opportunity would you capture it?”

The city – the pulse – the inspiration – the food – the everything – makes it our favorite place to dream big.  And now we want to dream big more often.

We are opening a New York office/store in 2017. You might ask "Why?" If you have to ask, then maybe you are not the right person to hear the answer but here it is:

  • More consumer customers – many times over the past 5 years we have created products that have sold to 50-100,000 Norwegians. New York is 2,5 times larger.
  • More business customers – We love the big Nordic brands that we are working with – but we hear that there are some customers over there – that might be as big, maybe even bigger. We are excited to see and to start working with them the Nordic way.
  • More Talent – We love Nordic design and business talent, but we hear that there are also some good people over there. If we want to be the best - we need to work with the best.
  • Learn More – Learning is pain – but pain is good. We could be very comfortable here in Karl Johan in Oslo, Norway. But comfortable is not good – comfortable is terrible. We want to change, be better, experience pain and transform.


A group of 3 Norwegians, and a “gründer” have decided this is the natural next step.

  • Are we excited – “YES”
  • Are we confident – “HELL NO!”
  • Do we think we can make it a success – “Maybe”

Every month you will follow the team as it's making it’s preparations.

Stay tuned – where should the team set up it’s base?