Are these the best ideas generated in Norway in October?

Being an idea lab, we both have, and get, a lot of ideas all the time. Of varying quality. A lot of them comes in meetings and from visiting customers, so we draw them up and publish them online.
While we have planned some major improvements to our online validation ecosystem itself, it always feels good to get the ideas out there.  
Here are a selection of the latest ideas from our website:
Idea: The Automatic Potato Peeler
A lot of people hate the hassle of peeling potatoes. Is an automatic potato peeler a good idea?
Idea: The Outfit App
A set of microchips you attach to your clothes. You scan these chips with a mobile app and make a clothing library. Then the app will make combinations for you based on what you have, for any kind of event or weather. 
Idea: The Noise Cancelling Pillow
A pillow that cancels out noise to help you get to sleep.
Idea: The Spatula Spoon
Normal spoons are incapable of getting out absolutely everything of whatever it is you’re eating with a spoon. Be it yoghurt, ice cream, soup, or a chocolate fondant. The Spatula Spoon combines the spoon and spatula, so you will always be able to get out the precious last rests. Throw less, eat more.
Idea: Net Bag For Dishwasher
Dishwashers are made for standardized objects. But quite often, you have the need to clean smaller things. Is a net bag for all the smaller items a good idea?
Idea: Sports Bag That Dries Contents
Few things smell as bad when left to itself, as used sportswear. So how about a bag with perforations to make sure your sweaty clothes will dry up by itself?
Got some ideas of your own? Submit them here!