The power of being in the street

Having an office on the main street of Oslo has proven to be a smart move in terms of connecting with the customers, and use that as a catalyst for our own product development. Here we are almost completely transparent in all stages of our development process, and get extremely valuable input from future users very early. This saves us time and money, and hopefully provides end users with more user friendly products.

The past month, we have had entrepreneurs of new mobile accessories drop in. We helped to connect them to another Norwegian company working in the same field. We had a visit from a 70-year old female inventor that had an idea for a product to dry off washing cloths for people with pain in their hands. We have met great designers from all over the world, and we have learned more about interesting new apps than we thought was possible.

When we sit around the idea bar in our office, we can invite people into our discussions and have feedback on whether an idea is good or not, right there and then. We risk killing an idea immediately after it has been presented for the first time. But still, we gain the advantage of not having to spend unnecessary time and resources. We also open up our creative process for feeedback from the very first second - priceless.