By kids - for kids

It is 08.50 am on a Saturday morning in the middle of October. There are 50 people in line outside our doors, and the Unikia store/office has been transformed. Today we're Barnas DesignLab. An innovative approach to creating innovative and amazing products.

At Unikia we are quite experienced at coming up with new ideas for how to make products that make life better and easier. But we think that there’s another group of dreamers who have even crazier ideas — and much different perspectives — for making products, that we want to work with. That’s why we have started Barnas DesignLab.

The show will follow the story of 6 children from Oslo between the ages of 8 and 12 who are charged with designing a new series of kitchen products that solve the problems that they themselves have with kitchen products. They will work with the Unikia team to develop the products right from beginning to end, have them produced at our producers worldwide, and will have to work with our sales team to sell the products into the biggest retailers in the Nordics!

Our first episode was all about selection, casting and identifying problems with existing products. It was an amazing experience. The kids created, brainstormed, cut themselves, interacted, burned their fingers and most of all had fun. When the day was finished the 12 man team from Monster (our production partner) was truly exhausted. But the team from Unikia were filled with energy. Our heads were spinning from the results and imagining the possibilities.